Stagecoach Road:  The Bullies Must Die.  Autographed "Red Ink"
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Personally Autographed By The Author  "RED INK" Autograph.  Limited To 200 Total Copies Signed And Numbered In Red Ink.  Limit One Per Customer.  

ISBN-13: 978-1771430456.  CCB Publishing.  316 Pages.  Paperback.  Shipping Weight 14.4 ounces. Dimensions  0.7 x 5.4 x 8.4 inches

In 1973 a Wirt High School student, Benjamin Weinstein, from Miller Beach, Indiana is savagely beaten by four bullies on Stagecoach Road after the graduation party. These were the same four bullies who tormented Benny all through school. In 1992, nineteen years after the attack, Benny is a successful chiropractor living in Hammond, Indiana. One morning while jogging, he accidentally finds out one of his attackers is leading the good life and owns a thriving auto supply store not far from Stagecoach Road. This incites Benny into a rage. At that moment he decides to hunt down his other three assailants with the plan of capturing all four of them, one at a time, and bringing each one back to Stagecoach Road so he can torture and kill them--his way. But it isn't going to be easy. To complete his mission Benny has to balance a double life, one as a cheerful chiropractor and devoted family man, and the other as a maniacal killer.

A Story Of Revenge
Better late than never

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Stagecoach Road: The Bullies Must Die. Autographed "Red Ink"

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